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What Pool Features Are Best for My Backyard?

Your backyard has its own personality. Much like a human fingerprint, there isn’t another like it anywhere. Maybe you live in the same house that you lived in as a child and have fond memories of family gatherings. Maybe your house has lilac bushes that only bloom purple flowers in spring and then release their unidentified fragrance. Or, maybe your yard is a state-of-the-art techie’s dream, complete with solar panels and an organic garden. Whatever personality your backyard has, it reflects you. That’s why coming up with swimming pool ideas for backyard should be treated as the important task it is. But, what if you’re low on cash?

Backyard Pool Ideas on A Budget

All it takes is some ingenuity. Whether you have an inground or above-ground structure, swimming pool decorating ideas for the budget-conscious can be as simple as hanging a hammock next to the pool. A hammock, a couple of inexpensive Tiki torches and palm trees go a long way toward exceptional outdoor living Houston, TX.

The Houston sun is hot. Avoid a sunburn even if you cannot afford a pergola with a shade sail. It blocks harmful UV rays and looks great, especially if you decorate it with ribbons or other cute items you can pick up at a craft store.

Water Features

Your pool as it stands by itself is great, sure. But, wouldn’t it be even better with a couple of added water features? Cascading fountains are a lot of fun and easy to install. You can put a fountain in the middle of the pool or get deck jets that spout water from the sides of the pool back into the main body of water. For added effect, colored lights that match your decor or lights of different hues make for a fun and festive environment.

Let’s not forget waterfalls. Shimmering waterfalls add a touch of class and sophistication to your pool. The sound of falling water is very soothing and will make you feel like you are at a fancy spa. Bring the waterfalls to life by illuminating them with LED lights and you will have created a wonderful focal point for your pool. Waterfalls of various sizes and shapes exist to fit your pool size and allow you to go for either a subtle or dramatic effect.

For an inexpensive and environmentally friendly idea, offer your friends and family a place to rinse themselves off after swimming with an outdoor shower powered by solar energy. It only takes a few minutes to install, hooks up to a simple garden hose and can be put away when not in use. The hardware finishes are varied to fit your color scheme and you’ll score bonus points with your eco-minded friends for choosing a green energy source to power it.

Fire Features

Fire features are a crowd favorite. Use fire bowls to maximize your pool’s wow factor. Metal fire bowls can be placed in strategic places to illuminate your yard and provide toasty warmth after the Sun goes down. Let’s toast some marshmallows!

If you are interested in something smaller than a standard fire bowl, get a tabletop bowl. It can be placed in the middle of an outdoor table to provide a fun fire feature without a heavy commitment on your part. Tabletop fire bowls are portable, as well, so you can move them around as needed. Or use floating candles in the pool for a special night or celebration.

Regardless of the amount of cash you must spend, possibilities are almost limitless. Let your pool’s personality shine through with a few add-ons and you’ll enjoy it even more this summer!


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