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New Pool Construction

Striving For Excellence One Pool At A Time

New Pool Construction

Do not make the mistake of hiring just any pool builder, hire a company that is highly trusted and experienced. Not only has Pulliam Pools been known as a leader in the swimming pool business for over 100 years, we continue to be an “award-winning” company.

Why Build a Custom Pool

A backyard pool is not just a place for swimming and relaxation; it can be the hub of your family and social life. It will be a place where you can relax, enjoy a quiet evening with a drink in your hand, entertain your guests, throw parties and organize social events. The countless hours of enjoyment, entertainment, and family bonding that it will give you will make your life happier, richer and more meaningful.

A well-designed pool adds both value and aesthetics to your home. It blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape while transforming your entire backyard to give it a more beautiful, elegant, warm, comfortable and upscale look. Building such a pool is like transplanting a piece of paradise right into your garden.

Do you have a vision?

We have been building custom pools since 1916. Visually stunning and functionally flawless, every pool we build is a work of art. Give us your vision, and we will turn it into a reality with our unique imagination. We will create the pool of your dreams and will far surpass your expectations.

New pool construction requires an extensive and in-depth knowledge of engineering, technology, design, and art. The Pulliam Team have years of experience and every pool we build is a beautiful combination of imagination, art, and latest technology.

We do not solely build custom pools; we also specialize in outdoor living areas. Whether you want to add a patio cover, an arbor, an outdoor kitchen, water features, fire features, slides or diving boards, we will do it for you to perfection.

Our “award-winning” company has provided outstanding new pool construction to customers in Katy as well as the surrounding areas of Houston Texas as well.

Dream Big! Let us make it a reality.

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