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Fire Features

Most Effective Way To Add Beauty & Functionality


Fire Features Dramatically Transform Your Backyard

When fire and water elements integrate, sparks fly and magic happens! That’s why fire features are one of the most-sought-after trends in swimming pool design today. Fire, as an element, creates a striking effect against the backdrop of soothing water, and the result is mesmerizing

Create The Right Mood

Many of our clients love fire features because they really add to the overall experience and feel of a swimming pool or backyard. When placed properly, fire elements can create a low, calming glow that creates inviting, beautiful spaces.

The visually appealing and functional qualities of fire make it the perfect element in the design of a poolscape or backyard oasis. From fireplaces structures to glowing fire pits and fire bowls, our designers work diligently to create the best lighting and functionality by incorporating fire features.

Fire behaves as a beautiful light source, providing a low glowing light that creates an inviting, open space with serenity and warmth.

Add  Excitement

  • Fire Bowls: Encourage relaxation by placing in and around your swimming pool or in a fountain for extra effect.
  • Fire Pits: Natural fire pits provide magnificent bright flames, providing warmth and light. A perfect spot to gather around.
  • Fire Pots: These come in all shapes and sizes and are great accent pieces.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Growing in popularity outdoor fireplaces provide a place to gather along with light and warmth.


Pulliam Pools offer a variety of the finest fire features. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list, contact us by phone at (281) 693-7665, by email at info@pulliamhouston.com or fill out our contact form so we can help make your vision a reality! We are located in Katy Texas but provide complete fire feature services to the entire Houston area.

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