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Pergola vs. Arbor, They are Different

Even though the terms are used interchangeably, arbors and pergolas are significantly different. These structures are also called trellises. A trellis is a latticework that is constructed to support climbing vines or other climbing plants. The trellis can have a simple panel design or be freestanding in a yard or garden. Arbors often incorporate a trellis in the overall structure. This creates a passageway made of climbing plants with a tunnel-like structure. Arbors have a constant flow of latticework. The construction goes from one side of the tunnel structure to the other and forms an arch. Pergolas are also designed for climbing plants. However, unlike arbors, pergolas have sturdy posts that support a roof-like pavilion. Pergolas are mainly used to provide shade for a walkway or deck.

Which of these structures is right for you? When you’re looking for design options for covering a patio, it’s important to explore the pros and cons of pergolas and arbors. At Pulliam Pools, we provide you with a number of patio cover options perfect for your backyard space.

Pergola Ideas

There are several pergola ideas to choose from based on the accent and style you want. Wood structures with defined edges add a modern touch to the pool area. The center of the structure can be made of glass or another material that will let sunshine through to warm the pool evenly. Wood can also be added to the top of the pergola for added texture.

Pergola Patio Cover

If you want a pergola-style patio cover, let your contractor know whether you want the pergola connected to your home. The pergola can serve as a cover for your outdoor table and chairs, while the pool remains uncovered. Or, you can have a pergola constructed over the pool area. If space is left between the ground and the actual pool, there will be more room for socializing around the pool. You can also leave enough room for poolside seating under the pergola. This is a safer way for your friends and family to soak up the sun between swims.

Finding the Right Patio Cover Designer

The right designer for your patio cover should be aware of your sense of style. He or she also needs to evaluate your property and get the correct patio measurements. The designer will also present you with a number of materials and samples that work best for your landscaping vision. The size of the walkway where the pergola will be positioned is taken into account as well, along with the surrounding trees and plants.

Pergolas made with metal are great if you have a minimalist sense of style. Neutral colors like gray and black are ideal for this pergola. Metal poles can make up the shelter for the pavilion. You can add colored or clear glass in between the poles for aesthetic appeal and protect against the weather.

If you have lots of tall plants and flowers in your yard, a pergola built a little higher than the flowers is ideal. The structure will bring more attention to the greenery and make the entire area look like an enchanted garden.

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