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Swimming Pool Design Ideas For A Luxurious Backyard

When you decide that you want to have a pool installed in your yard, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of swimming pool designs. Whether you have a minimalist sense of style or you prefer luxury backyards with pools, Pulliam Pools can help you make the right choice. Here are a few swimming pool design ideas that will make your backyard one of the most appealing areas of your property.

Resort Style Pool Ideas

If you want your pool to look similar to the ones you enjoy when you are on vacation, there are a few decorative features to add. You can plant a small garden along the pool using stone or brick structures. The plants can be lush greenery to complement the blue water in the pool. Alternatively, you can choose colorful blooms that give the pool area a tropical feel. You can also work with your contractor to have a fountain or rock structure installed in the pool. The structure can be shaped to look like a waterfall. These features can make you feel like you are on your favorite tropical island, or like you are taking a mini-vacation each time you go to the backyard to take a swim. Resorts also have luxury features like aquariums built into pools. You can work with your contractor to include this in your pool design as well. The aquarium can include small creatures that will thrive in the aquarium’s water environment and/or underwater plants.

Oasis Style Pool Ideas

An oasis pool is another way to make your backyard especially inviting. If you are wondering, “what is an oasis pool?” just think of a peaceful lake or pond that you enjoy visiting. An oasis pool is usually shaped like these small bodies of water and can be decorated to your liking. You can have palm trees planted around the pool to make the space tranquil and give it an exotic feel. Your contractor can also construct a pool opening that looks similar to the shore of the beach. This is not only beautiful, but can serve as a safe way for children or older family members to get into the water.

You can also construct an oasis pool with seating surrounding it. This makes it convenient for you to relax in between swimming and socialize with loved ones. Rock gardens and/or fire bowls can also be part of your oasis pool setting. These decorative features will make you feel as though you have traveled to a peaceful place to relax, work out in the water, or sit by the pool and read your favorite book.

Pulliam Pools Is Here to Help

In addition to helping you find the pool of your dreams, Pulliam Pools Houston can help you make your entire backyard space more appealing. We will give you all the things you need to prepare your lawn and property for a pool, along with tables and seating. You will also get great information on the best ways to add large plants and trees to your property as well. This ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the finished product.

To get more information in luxury pool designs, give Pulliam Pools a call. We are one of the best pool contractors Houston TX has to offer, and are happy to answer any questions you have. You can also contact Pulliam Pools Houston using our contact form. We provide valuable information that will help you in your pool selection, as well as a variety of swimming pool design ideas. Contact Pulliam Pools Houston today for more information.

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