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Getting a swimming pool built on your property is no small endeavor. A pool can instantly increase the property value of your home and make your yard area more welcoming if you entertain loved ones often. If you want the pool area to be especially elegant, there are a number of luxury pool designs to choose from. Luxury pools feature aesthetics and functions that you won’t find with standard pool designs. If you and your family are avid swimmers or love spending time by the pool, a luxury pool is a smart investment. You can work with Pulliam Pools Houston to find the materials and design ideas for an elegant pool area. Here are a few swimming pool designs to consider.

Infinity Pools

When it comes to luxury inground pools, you’ve got lots of features to choose from. Infinity pools are a great choice if you’re having a small or medium-sized pool installed and want to make it look larger. This feature makes the water in the pool appear free-flowing. It also makes you feel like you’re swimming at the beach or in the ocean. Infinity pools can be built to look like they have no border. This is especially impressive and looks even more fascinating when a series of colored lights are installed in the pool. If you use the pool often during the evening, this is a great way to make the pool more attractive.

Lazy Rivers

A lazy river pool is another luxury pool choice that makes the pool area look like more of a natural setting. There are sections of the pool that are constructed for a slow or medium-speed waterfall. The pool looks more like a relaxing river than a standard inground pool. You can work with a contractor to build several structures within the pool that will push the water forward. This will make it easier to float from section to section of the pool. You’ll feel like you’re actually on a river.

Lagoon Pools

These beautiful pools are shaped like a lagoon and are a welcome deviation from the traditional rectangular-shaped pools. Lagoon pools can also feature smaller hot tubs and spas. The shape of the pool also makes it easy to add features like tropical plants to the border of the pool.

Geometric/ Straight Line Pools

Straight line pools are luxurious and modern and can do wonders for the overall look of your yard. Adding the right lighting to these pools can make the entire area especially appealing. For instance, you can place dim lights near the bottom of the pool and brighter lights at the top of the pool. This lighting will create an illusion of moonlight hitting the water at night.

Lap Pools

If you want to get in shape and spend time relaxing in the water, a lap pool is a great choice. These pools provide enough space for you to get a great water workout, but you can also float in the pool and soak up the sun. Modern styles include vase structures in the center of the pool that house lush green plants and colorful tropical flowers. The pool can also be bordered with marble or glass materials for a refined, sophisticated feel.

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Contact Pulliam Pools Houston, your luxury swimming pool builder located in Katy TX, when you’re ready to build a luxury swimming pool. You’ll get all the assistance you need finding materials and beautiful designs to turn your backyard into a beautiful relaxation area. We will help you make your pool area one of a kind.