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Katy Pool Builder – The Answer To Your Dilemma

If you in live Katy or the surrounding Houston Texas area you know of the many fun things to do. If you have small children you may find yourself going to the Horray Indoor Playground or the Exploration Park quite often. With older children you might frequent the Glowzone Katy, Times Square Entertainment or for a bit of laser tag fun the iRace.  All of these places are amazing and so much fun for children, however, frequenting the same places over and over again can get a bit old and boring especially on the very hot days when the thought of swimming takes precedence. Do you find yourself in a delemna wondering what to do next with your children? Pulliam Pools has the answer. Let’s redesign your backyard with a brand new swimming pool.

Redesign Your Backyard

It is known that a swimming pool can be a great investment, so not only will a new swimming pool bring constant enjoyment for everyone, children and adults alike, it will increase the value of your home. A new pool can bring relaxation as well after a long day at work. The memories that will be created will be long-lasting and cherished forever.

Are we convincing you to start thinking about a new pool in your backyard? If so, the first thing is to choose the right pool builder. A pool builder who will design an outstanding poolscape and get the job done efficiently and way beyond your expectations.

The Pool Builder of Choice

Pulliam Pools is just that. The pool builder of choice for many in Katy as well as the surrounding areas of Houston. 

Let us help you with a few tips to help you get started. But first, take a look out your back window. Start dreaming what a fabulous backyard you could have. By selecting Pulliam Pools we can make that dream a reality.

Start Thinking – Sizes, Shapes, Styles

There are endless possibilities of different sizes, shapes, and styles so it is essential for you to have installed the pool that is best for you and your family. Here we provide you with 5 ideas to help you get started.

1. Recreational Pool

Do you have the children we discussed earlier? If you do you might want to consider a shallow pool across the entire length. You may like the idea of adding a slide within a rock waterfall. Not only will the slide provide fun for children the waterfall will provide great ambiance as well as a bit of relaxation for adults unwinding after a long day and listening to the trickling water. Top it off with amazing lighting built within the waterfall and your nights will be perfect.

2. Lap Pool

Do you exercise often? Are you a gym rat? If so you may want to consider a long narrow pool that you can do laps in. These pools are great for fitness and health purposes. Swimming is known to be the best form of exercise that keeps your heart, lungs and overall wellbeing at its optimum. It works your entire body along with your cardiovascular system. It also can be a great exercise for weight loss. Research has shown it can help to improve sleep, relieve stress and boost your mood.

3. Freeform Pool

Do you find yourself being out of the ordinary and just do not want the traditional rectangular pool. How about a free-form shape. These types of pools can be designed with a natural, tropical, rustic feel as well as a modern, elegant and sleek look. There are no style limits. With the right added features and appropriate landscape design of plants, bushes, trees, and grasses any style can be achieved.

4. Architectural Pool

Architectural pools are usually geometric in shape. They have definite lines that coordinate with the structure of the home. Most often the materials used for the home are the same for the pool giving a cohesive look. These backyards have a feel of sophistication and luxury.

5. Infinity Pool

When you look out your window do you have a fantastic view? Are you on the side of a mountain? These pools are great to highlight the view. They are also known as negative edge, vanishing edge, zero edge or disappearing edge pools. They are unique and beautiful, however, can be more expensive than the traditional and freeform pool.

Additional Features

After you have decided on the perfect pool shape, size, and style. It’s time to start thinking about all of the other features that can be added.  These features can give your pool a focal point and can enhance the ambiance. Let’s discuss water features. You can choose from fountains, waterfalls, sheer waterfalls, jets, bubblers and spillovers. After you have decided on the water features how about adding fire features. Bring your daytime fun to the evening with amazing fire effects. There are so many types to choose such as a fireplace, firepits, fire bowls, fire columns, fire tables, and torches.

Get Started

At Pulliam Pools the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to get started. We are located in Katy, TX and have been building amazing swimming pools throughout the entire Houston area for many years.  We can show you our portfolio as well as provide you with a long list of referrals. All of our customers view us as the premier Katy pool builder. Let’s start the dream you created when you looked out of the back window of your home and make it a reality.