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Modern Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Deciding to have a swimming pool on your property means you’ll need to make some significant changes. A professional construction team will measure your yard and perform excavations to prepare for the pool. You may also want to add features like a patio, sitting space or diving board for the pool. This means working with a construction design team to bring your swimming pool design vision to life. Thinking about your personal style, the size of your yard and the purpose of the pool space can help you select the right modern pool design. Here are a few suggestions to consider when you’re narrowing down your swimming pool designs and plans.

Modern Swimming Pool Tiles

If you want your pool to have a modern flare, there are several tile textures to choose from. Ceramic tiles are a great choice since they’re easy to clean and come in several colors. Mosaic tile is another popular option. The tiles are smaller but feature a myriad of different colors. You can also choose mosaic tiles in the same color scheme. For instance, various shades of blue give the illusion that the water is constantly glistening on all sides of the pool. Glass mosaics also allow you to completely customize the look of the pool. Your contractor can fashion the tiles to create your family monogram. Alternatively, you can form the tiles into a word or phrase meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Luxury Home Pool Ideas

Most pools are rectangular in shape, but you can choose from square or circle shapes for a modern feel. There are also pools in the shape of ponds and lakes to make the swimming area look like it is part of nature. You can also arrange to have a porch or patio structure built in the middle of the pool. This allows you to relax in the pool without getting in the water. Cabanas and pavilions around the pool also contribute to a pool’s modern design. These structures provide shelter from sun and rain and are perfect for entertaining friends and family poolside.

Luxury Pools with Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a great way to make your pool look like it is part of a fancy resort. You can arrange for the waterfall to be in the corner of the pool. This will make it especially noticeable. Corner positioning also keeps the waterfall from getting in the way of swimmers. Or, you can use a waterfall to separate the shallow and deep ends of the pool. The waterfall can be programmed to provide a continuous flow of water into the deep section of the pool.

In addition to a waterfall, you can also create an “infinity” feature for one or more parts of the pool. This feature keeps water coming into the pool continuously and can be used as a stylish water filter. The infinity feature can also be installed at the front of the pool. Lowering the entrance of the pool to look like the shore of the beach and adding an infinity water flow will make you feel like you’re at your favorite tropical vacation destination.

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