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The Ultimate Solutions to Covering Your Patio

Now that you have a pool, and your patio is beautifully landscaped, you may want to think about finding a patio cover to complement them. Patio cover ideas run the gamut from fabric and wood to metal and brick. However, Houston patio covers need to be durable enough to handle summer heat, tropical downpours, and fierce winds. With patio covers made in Katy, Texas, you are sure to find a patio that fits in beautifully with your home and pool.

Deck shade structures

In the Houston area, if you want to use your deck in the summer during the heat of the day and the humidity in the evening, you need a shade solution for your deck. Several different types of deck shade structures are available. First, if you like the look of wood, there are wooden deck shade structures that can give you an open view of your pool or patio with shade above you in the form of a slatted roof structure. The wood used for the structure could match your deck wood or could complement the wood of your decking or fencing. In addition, if you like the look of wood, but you do not want to have to stain it every few years, or replace it because of rot, we may have some solutions for you with composites, which do not need maintenance.

Patio shade structures

Another backyard shade solution may be to build a shade structure for your patio. As with deck shade structures, the patio shade structures allow you to stay poolside for longer periods of time in the hot Houston sun. Several solutions are available. One solution is to have a stand-alone structure made of wood and brick with a shingled roof and open sides. The stand-alone structure can be sized to fit your needs and the space within your backyard. Some of the structures have enough room for a full outside kitchen underneath, complete with a grill, a bar, and seating. The stand-alone structure could also be used to dine close to the pool as well, or for lounging away from the sun and resting for a while. Stand-alone structures would also allow you to stay outside through a small passing shower – although the kids in the pool might not even notice it is raining.

You may also decide to have the patio structure attached to your house, which gives you more floor space for entertaining and creates another level of privacy for you and your guests. Just like the stand-alone structures, the attached patio can be made from a variety of materials, but usually matches the house with brick color or roof structure. Like the stand-alone structure, the attached patio shade structure can be large or small and could contain a bar, grill, outdoor kitchen, small fire pit or provide seating for entertaining. If you choose to add a patio shade structure that is either attached or stand-alone, it is an investment in your home’s resale value and may give a potential homebuyer the exact home he or she is looking to invest in for the future.

When you want an addition to your entertaining outside or a place to come home and retreat to after taking a cool dip in your pool, you need to make sure the builder is familiar with the Houston area and the special needs of the climate in the area. Pulliam Pools Houston is that exact company who will blend your tastes and desires into a project that is sure to make you proud.

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