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Six Types of Impressive Backyard Fire Bowls

Adding fire bowls creates a visually stunning effect. Fire and water perfectly balance the natural elements, while illuminating the outdoors and warming swimmers on chilly nights. Create an intriguing and romantic theme with a fire bowl, which is a bowl-shaped, raised structure that spouts fire. The right professional pool builder with years of pool design experience can help you choose and install the right fire bowl options for your backyard poolscape. We have listed a few ideas below.

Concrete Fire Bowls

Upgrade your outdoor space with stylish concrete fire bowls. Pool builder professionals will show you the best way to incorporate them into the environment, based on the shape and size of your swimming pool. Concrete pool fire bowls come in round, square or even geometric-shaped designs. Bowls should be placed symmetrically to accentuate the shape of your pool. Concrete versions can be mounted on a raised column for support or installed right into the ground. You control how high the flames flare with an automated remote.

Concrete bowls are safe and easy to use. A minor investment in a well-placed concrete fire bowl or two will have your pool looking like a million dollars!

Copper Fire Bowls

Copper is an outstanding choice for outdoor poolscape features because not only is it beautiful, it is hardy. Select a bowl with a solid heavy-gauge construction, fire grate, and drain hole that is predrilled for easy cleaning and you’ll have an outdoor fire feature that will last for decades.

Choose 100 percent copper for a truly refined, high-end effect that will be the main focal point of your poolscape. There’s an assortment of copper finishes, metal thickness, and diameters. Some copper fire bowls are built in or integrated into the surrounding landscape, while others are small enough to be transported from your yard to the beach!

Metal Fire Bowls

If copper is not your thing, metal fire bowls come in various sizes and shapes and can be just the thing for sprucing up a boring backyard. Options include black wrought-iron, silver stainless-steel, slate, walnut or terra-cotta finishes, to name a few. Metal fire bowls look modern and come in so many colors and styles, you’ll have a lot of fun customizing your pool area using them. They are unique and affordable. Many are portable, too!

Tabletop Fire Bowls

Tabletop fire bowls range from standalone versions to those that are part of a custom-built table. Arguably the best feature of a portable tabletop fire bowl is its ability to be used in urban environments. If you live in the city and want to add a fire feature to a small area, a little fire bowl is a warm and inviting option. If you have space and a little extra money to burn, a custom table can be built with a fire feature installed on top, creating a centerpiece unlike any other.

Gas Fire Bowls

Natural gas fire tables and fire bowls are preferred by many customers because gas is one-sixth the cost of propane. So, if you’re planning to use your fire bowl a lot, gas is the better option. Gas fire bowls are stationary because the fuel is usually fed into the bowl from a line that’s attached to your house.

Wood Burning Fire Bowls

Wood burning fire bowls are economical as well, plus some pool owners use special wood for nice scents. Imagine the smell of a cherry wood fire wafting through the backyard as you and your guests relax poolside. Add a beautiful log rack and you’ll have a lovely poolside fire feature. We know no two poolscapes are created equally and owners are increasingly interested in customization.


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