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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas in Houston

You have a beautiful pool your whole family loves. You can’t imagine your life without it. However, after the pool time is over, everyone wants to go inside. This not only ruins the mood, but it can also ruin your indoor floors. Why not leave the fun outside? A custom-designed outdoor kitchen is just the thing you need to extend the pool fun to the rest of the backyard because there’s nothing like eating, drinking, and making merry in the great outdoors. Keep reading for design ideas for outdoor living in Houston.

Fire Pit, Pizza Oven, Grills

A fire pit allows your guests to warm their cold bodies and hands after they have taken a dip in the pool. Although summer nights in Houston are usually hot and humid, people who live in Houston may be using their pools from March through October, and that means many nights will be cool toward the beginning and the end of the pool season. Many outdoor kitchen designs call for a fire pit close to the kitchen, where people can sit and talk while others are cooking.

Along with a fire pit, many people want a pizza oven, which can be combined with a fireplace, fire pit or grill feature for stone-baked pizza heaven. Some outdoor kitchens have a large grill instead of an oven. The large grills featured in many outdoor kitchens have compartments or attachments, so you can cook nearly anything you want.


Outdoor kitchen builders often add a bar feature to their kitchen designs. Bars can be made large or small. In Houston, because you can entertain outside much of the year, you may want to have a bar and table combination, so you have seating for entertaining and a place where people can hang out. Outdoor kitchen bars usually feature places for glasses and liquor, a wine refrigerator, and a mixer for frozen drinks in addition to shelving and storage. And, having a bar feature for an outdoor kitchen makes the pool area as much for adults as it is for kids.

Along with bar seating, many people also want to sit and dine in luxury and comfort. As part of the outdoor kitchen construction, builders may want to add a separate room for dining with a full view of the pool. A glass roof lets the sun in and still allows the space to feel airy and open. Outdoor furniture, which used to include only rocking chairs and wicker loveseats, has evolved to include dining room furniture that is durable enough to sit on with a wet bathing suit but comfortable enough to lounge around and enjoy company before and after dinner.


Because the weather in the area is so favorable, pool builders in Houston often design pergolas, which are standalone outdoor kitchens with a roof but no real walls. Pergolas can have a grill and a bar feature as well, with bar seating and storage and a large grill, plus room for cutting fruit and vegetables. Some pergolas come equipped with televisions, so fans can watch their favorite teams play before or after a swim. Although pergolas are not attached to the house, they can be equipped with lighting features and wiring if needed.

If you have a pool, (or do not have a pool) and you want to upgrade to an entertainment area that you can relax and enjoy year-round, contact Pulliam Pools Houston. We are experienced in the construction and custom design of outdoor kitchens and can not only give you wonderful ideas, we can create it and build it.  Why not give Pulliam Pools a call and let us help you with your kitchen design ideas and turn your pool or basic backyard area into a showcase you can be proud of?