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Looking for Unique Pools and Spas?

If you are looking for a pool or spa that is unique, then look no further. A pool with a spa is at the apex of fine amenities and you won’t have to travel to a five-star hotel to enjoy it. You can simply take a few steps out your door and use it any time, at your discretion. Today’s designs combine world-class luxury, therapeutic benefits, and the highest quality craftsmanship. A Houston pool builder will redefine your spa experience with beautiful outdoor poolscapes that resemble works of art but are there for your everyday relaxation.


Pool Sconces

Add to the artistic value of your pool by adding sconces. Handcrafted sconces are more like sculptures than fountains. Unique pieces created by highly skilled builders and artisans add sophistication to your home. Sconces are available in many different finishes to match the rock or tile on your pool deck. Sconces can be made of stone, silver, brass or copper finishes to complement your decorating scheme.

The addition of the head of a lion spouting water, or the Roman god Neptune add aesthetic value and become conversation pieces for your guests. Adorn your space with a classic fountain and enjoy the soothing sounds of splashing water. Accent pieces, such as sconces and rosettes, will add refinement to any spa area or pool.


Backyard Spa Designs

A truly elegant environment often features a pool with raised spa. In this instance, the spa sits higher than the pool and can include other features, such as a waterfall coming out from the lip of the spa and on to a nearby ledge for tanning. A raised spa is usually elevated between 6 and 8 inches above pool level and adds a whole new dimension. It serves as the focal point for the entire pool area and can have a decorative finish in tile or stone. Add a tropical or rustic theme to your design and keep it going by using the same materials in your spa.

It seems as if no pool and spa are complete today without a customization. When done properly, the pool/spa provides a refuge in your yard where aqua lovers can enjoy two worlds of water, including a fun day splashing with children in the swimming pool and a relaxing evening soaking in the spa.


Integrated or Built-In Spas

Spas can be integrated right into your pool by being built into the side, end or corner. A dam, or wall, separates the two, so the pool stays cool and the spa stays hot. Infinity, or vanishing edge, swimming pools can have spas either adjacent to or outside, the pool. In this case, the pool and spa appear to be two separate structures.

A spa that is attached to your pool can be of any size or shape, blending in with the rest of the design or providing contrast, i.e. a round spa attached to a rectangular pool. If the spa is built inground at the same level of the swimming pool, most often one of the swimming pool walls has a dual purpose and is used as a wall for the spa, too. To create a cohesive look, the finishes of the pool and spa are usually made of similar material. But, there are no hard and fast rules.


The only rule is to stay true to your own vision. Are you in the Katy, TX and Houston area? If so there is no need to search swimming pool companies near me.  You have found the Katy Tx and Houston premier pool builder. We can provide you with samples and ideas of pools and spas and bring your vision to life. Enjoy the process! Watching your unique pool and spa come to life before your eyes is a very rewarding experience and you’ll reap many recreational, health, and relaxation benefits.

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