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Innovative Custom Swimming Pool Designs

Anyone who says he or she wouldn’t like to have his or her own inground swimming pool is probably being dishonest or is jealous of the aqua gem in your backyard. Seriously, a pool is likely to win you friends, but it could also make you the envy of the entire neighborhood. So, why settle for the same old pool? Think outside of the box and come up with your own signature style. A unique swimming pool design can turn your best friend into a frenemy. But, once you invite him or her over for a swim, it is sure to make a splash.


Luxury Pool Designs

Pools that are set apart in style and design include exotic, infinity, and traditional swimming pools with various features. An emerging trend is an unconventionally shaped pool built to suit its organic surroundings. Freeform installations can conform to the layout of the landscape. For example, a Southern home with a traditional wrap-around porch looks elegant with a pool that curves around the house in a semicircle design. Areas for sitting, of varying pool depths, and with steps augment the shape and invite lounging and meandering.

It is possible to construct your pool, so it flows along the lines of the natural landscape. Pools can sit on the edge of the ocean or forest and be constructed in a shape that blends in with the surrounding landscape. Natural rocks, stones, and lux foliage and plants make it difficult to distinguish where the pool begins and where the natural landscape begins. There are infinity pools, so called because they appear to vanish into the horizon. These are also called zero edges, disappearing edge or negative-edge swimming pools, with the idea that they extend into infinity.


Pools and the City

For urban dwellers, swimming pools can be installed on rooftops or near other buildings. A rooftop pool is the ultimate in luxury. Enjoy a view of the city skyline while sitting poolside. Night swimming with the sparkling city lights and stars in the sky is a breathtaking experience.If you live side by side with your neighbors, an elongated pool dotted with unique features along the length of the structure provides a custom, modern look for city living. Add the right uplighting and you have a spectacular effect worthy of a VIP.

Your swimming pool may also symbolize something important in your life. For example, a married couple with an Irish background built an inground pool in the general shape of the Celtic knot and with a bar area where the Guinness beer flows freely. In yet another example, a famous musician has a pool in the shape of a guitar in his backyard.


Inground Pool Designs and Prices

Inground pool designs and prices vary according to how understated or outrageous you wish to be. Provide your swimming pool designer with a general idea of your swimming pool designs and plans and he or she will furnish you with a cost estimate. In general, if you want to install an infinity pool, the price adds between $25,000 to $25,000 to the final cost of installation.


Swimming pool companies in Houston Texas that are established usually have many years of experience with infinity pools, since it is one of the most popular designs. A pool expert will also be able to work with you in designing your customized dream pool and work with you on a budget that fits your plans. If you have a specific pool design in mind, don’t give up before you start! Let us help you make your dreams a reality.


Pulliam Pools Houston is highly qualified and experienced in the design of creating an artistic flair to enhance your backyard with an exceptional poolscape layout.  Beyond the design is the build which Pulliam Pools Houston does to perfection.  Contact us today, We will be happy to get you started and happy to provide you with an innovative custom pool design just for you.