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Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

There are many health benefits associated with swimming. It is a low-impact exercise and does not stress joints, unlike other sports that can be hard on your knees, such as, jogging. That is why swimming can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of the status of his or her overall health. It is the one exercise that can be enjoyed by kids, adults, and seniors. We have listed a few health benefits of a swimming pool below.


Benefits of Swimming Everyday

Taking a dip in the pool every day is good for your heart and circulation system. Health studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise will strengthen your heart muscle and keep your blood flowing. Swimming is ideal because you can easily track your progress by counting laps. If you’re just starting out, you can swim one or two laps and, then, you can feel and document yourself getting stronger and more physically fit as you increase the number of laps you do.

You can also monitor your progress by timing how long it takes you to swim one lap. Each consecutive week, you can strive to improve your time. This helps some people with staying in an exercise program because it gives them definitive milestones, so they can see how they are doing. Other swimmers like the challenge of constantly having to improve. One thing is for sure, swimming is not boring!


Physical Benefits of Swimming

The physical benefits of swimming are an improved overall fitness level and motivation to stick with the routine, as mentioned above. But, did you know that most doctors are now advising their patients to get more sunshine?

It seems like just a few years ago that we were told by physicians to stay out of the sun and while you may still want to put on sunscreen if you are in the sun for an extended period, doctors today certainly are encouraging everyone to soak up some vitamin D. So, go ahead, take a swim to reap the cardio benefits and then relax poolside for about 20 minutes each day! The vitamin D is good for you. Reduced levels of vitamin D have been linked to insomnia and even cancer.

Swimming works every muscle in your body. Unlike monotonous routines at the gym that have you working on one muscle group at a time on specific days of the week, swimming provides you with an overall workout that tightens everything from triceps to glutes to abs


Swimming Benefits for Skin

How swimming benefits your skin depends on the kind of pool you have. Folks with regular chlorine pools reap different benefits than those with salt water or ozonated pools. We will break it down for you here:

  1. Chlorine pools. Anybody with acne or other skin-related problems will benefit from chlorine because it is a strong antiseptic. Of course, you’ll want to rinse off as soon as you get out, so your skin does not dry out. But, chlorine kills bacteria, viruses, and even staph on the skin.
  2. Salt water pools. Salt tightens and tones. Many beauty regimens advise using salt scrubs on your skin. Get the same benefit by swimming in a salt water pool!
  3. Ozonated pools. Some salt pools are also ozonated, and there are various minerals that can be put into the water. Some research points to the healing properties of such minerals and ozone.


It goes without saying that swimming just feels good! The mental benefits of swimming combat depression and the benefits of swimming for weight loss are numerous. Houston, TX, has great weather year-round. Take advantage of the fine weather and improve your health by making swimming a regular part of your routine.


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