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Inground Pools Filters

Whether you have an inground pool or you’re considering one, it’s important to be familiar with the sections of the pool. The filter is one of the pool’s most important components. It helps to keep debris and harmful contaminants out of the water. Filters help to keep your water consistently clean, which means they must be kept in the best condition. Here are the different types of pool filters you need to know about so your pool can function properly.

Best Pool Filters for Inground Pools

There are three main types of filters for you to choose from: sand filters, cartridge pool filters, and De pool filters.

A sand pool filter is one of the oldest pool filters. There are better-performing filters on the market that have emerged over the last few years. When dirt accumulates in the filter, the pressure rises in the filter. Then the filter has to be backwashed, which means the flow of the water is reversed to remove the contaminants. The backwash water has dirt and chemicals in it, so it can’t be used again. The sand filter must be replaced every decade or so, but some filters need to be replaced every seven to eight years. Replacing the filter will likely be the only time you open the tank.

Cartridge pool filters use filter cartridges made of polyester to filter dirt out of pool water. The filters have to be removed from the pool and hosed clean when there is an increase in filter tank pressure. Cartridge filters conserve more water than other types of filters, but maintaining the filters is more labor-intensive. You’ll have to actually remove the filters from the pool to wash them. Depending on how much dirt is filtered, cartridge pool filters need to be replaced every two to five years.

De pool filters, or diatomaceous earth filters, are the most efficient variety of pool filter. They have the ability to catch particles that aren’t noticeable to the naked eye. For instance, the pool filter can pick up particles that are 3-5 microns. The human eye can see particles as small as 35 microns. The pressure gauge of the filter indicates whether there is backwash. DE powder is added to the skimmer. The powder dissolves in the pipe while it heads to the filter tank. The diatomaceous earth is specially treated for pool water. It is a slightly different composition than the DE powder used in gardens and foods.

Getting a Hayward Pool Filter

Hayward is among the best in the industry when it comes to inground pool filter systems. Pulliam Pools is happy to work with Hayward to provide filters that will keep your pool running smoothly. Hayward filters are available in sand, cartridge and DE varieties, and are made with the latest technology. Hayward is also one of the most trusted names in the pool industry. You can rest assured you’re getting a great product, no matter which filter you use.

How Pulliam Pools Houston Can Help

Contact Pulliam Pools Houston to get information about filters that will keep your pool functioning at its best. Our qualified team is happy to answer any questions you have. We will schedule a consultation to evaluate the specific filters and products that are best for your pool. Pulliam Pools is proud to serve customers in the Houston area, including Katy TX.