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Staycation Ideas At Home

Even though the weather may be beautiful families still love to take vacations. Some people like to gather their friends together and travel to new and exciting locations. Of course, when the weather is great, it’s also the perfect time for a romantic road trip. However, many couples, friend groups, and families choose to enjoy local activities during their time off from work or school. This is known as a “staycation.” It is a great way to save money while still having a great time and making the most of the weather. If you’re planning to have a staycation at home this year, here are a few ideas that will make the time memorable.

Set-up Activities

If you have children or not, you can make the most of your time in the pool during your staycation with an obstacle course. Set up a series of challenges for your family and friends to complete in or near the pool. This is a great way to keep your kids active, but it’s also fun for the entire family. You can celebrate the winners with a poolside picnic. Also, the addition of games such as ping pong, twister and more are always fun. Late at night get everyone together for a fun game of musical chairs. It can be quite fun especially if a few people are competitive and do not want to lose. When the music stops, you will see the determination on their face. This can bring on a lot of laughs and fun leaving great memories for all.

Decorate Like You Are At A Resort

Backyard decorations can really help the mood. Themes are always a great idea. You can decorate with a tropical theme, luau, by color choice and so much more. Decorative ideas are endless. Purchase different floats in different sizes and colors that blend perfectly with your pool atmosphere. Not only do they look fun and uplifting they are great for both kids and adults to lounge on in the pool.

Relaxation Can Be Key

Of course, if you have a swimming pool, relaxing by the pool is a wonderful way to spend your staycation. This is one of the best staycation ideas. Set up a hammock under a tree or find a nice quiet spot off in the corner just for you to go to unwind and relax. You can grab your spa coat, put on a few over the counter facial treatments, grab a lounge chair and dream of being at the spa. When you close your eyes sound can have a deep impact on what you are feeling. Adding a waterfall to your pool can be amazing. The sound of the water flowing can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Install a firepit where you can sit by at night either alone or chat with family and friends. Always remember ambiance and sound are key.

Staycation With Movies

Your staycation can also include watching your favorite family movies. You can rent a projector so you can watch the movies in the backyard while enjoying your favorite snacks. Of course, your kids and guests can also enjoy the film while swimming. Blowing up a floating beach chair or sofa so the family can view the movie in the water also works. Make it a bit different by bringing back a few of the old movies. This is an ideal way to introduce your kids to movies you enjoyed as a child as well.

You can also include educational movies in the “playlist.” If you know what your children will be learning in the upcoming school year, choose videos that reflect this. The films could give your kids a heads up on the concepts they’ll learn.

After a day of swimming, you and your loved ones can also enjoy a movie by the hot tub. This can help you stay warm in the evening cool breeze.

Staycation With Delicious Dining

Instead of heading out to restaurants, set up a romantic spot to have a unique dinner with your special someone. You can also choose to invite family and friends over for a delicious dining experience. Decorate with beautiful foliage, add a few candles and different accessories to your table setting. Indulge in your favorite foods and snacks and in between take a dip into the pool. After, you can also use the pool to take a relaxing late-night swim, maybe with a glass of wine. If you have a hot tub or spa alongside the pool, all the better.

Are You Ready?

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