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Free-form Pools, The Natural Look

Free-form pool designs allow you to customize the pool setting. The shape of the pool can make you feel like you are at the lake or beach. If you like to invite friends and family over for a swim, free-form pools could be a great choice. There are a number of designs to choose from. At Pulliam Pools, a pool builder Katy, TX professional can also assist you in finding the right additions to the pool. Here are a few selections you may want to consider.

Free-form Pool Shapes

The shape of a free-form pool will bring a more natural look to your backyard. The pools often have rounded edges instead of the traditional square or rectangular shape. Free-form pools are also not completely circular since they are made to look like a natural body of water. By adding certain features space can look more like a vacation resort than a backyard pool.

The shape of your yard and the overall landscape of your property can determine your pool’s shape as well. If there are many trees in your yard, you don’t have to cut them all down to install the pool. The trees can actually provide some much-needed shade and create a more nature-centered design. If there’s a rock garden near or around the pool, you can incorporate it into the pool’s design as well.

Free-Form Pool Design Ideas

The area around the pool should complement the shape and style of the pool. Do you want a pool with a design that resembles a pond or lake? Large succulents or synthetic plants that make the area look like your favorite outdoor setting are ideal. Do you want the area to look like a tropical oasis? Then, adding sand or sand-colored stone around the pool works well. Planting tropical flowers around the pool area can also make the environment fragrant and appealing.

It may also be a good idea to add a waterfall to your free-form pool. This can make the pool especially elegant. You can also make the water in the pool especially warm during cooler seasons. This can make the pool relaxing and help reinforce the tranquility of the space. Gray or white stones are a great decorative choice since they complement the blue of the water nicely. You can also work with your pool contractor to build a small pool attached to the main pool. You can use this as a kiddie pool or convert it into a hot tub.

The Pulliam Pools Katy pool builders have the creativity and professionalism you need for a beautiful free-form pool. To get an estimate or to take a look at the pools we have to offer, feel free to browse our website and contact us. Our professional staff will be more than happy to assist you during every step of the selection and installation process.