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Add Visual Appeal, Protection & Privacy

Retaining Walls

Pools have a way of bringing family and friends together to celebrate birthday’s, anniversary’s, or just to have fun.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pool on your property, something to consider is a retaining wall. There are many reasons why a retaining wall might be on your list of things to add with your pool. For starters, it adds visual appeal to the outdoor space and can protect the pool from invaders. The wall makes the pool private so you and your loved ones can enjoy your time in the pool peacefully. There are many options that can be used to build your wall, which gives you more to choose from. Plus a variety of designs you can use to make the pool area especially unique. Here are a few swimming pool retaining wall ideas to make your pool the best feature on your property.

Retaining Wall Styles

You can choose retaining walls that are made from stone, or you can select a gate that forms a protective wall around the pool. A stone retaining wall adds texture to the pool area and can complement the clear blue hue of the water. Gray or off-white stone has a refined look to it. You can also create a retaining wall from different shades of stone in the same color family to create a mosaic effect.

If you want to use a fence as a wall, you can accent the fence with shrubs. You can use other climbing plants to give the area a tropical feel.Try adding customized features like your family monogram or a word or phrase that is meaningful to you.

Retaining Walls and Accents

Having a pool next to retaining wall structures made from treated wood is a great idea as well. Add texture by creating a path of gravel or small stones or as stepping stones that lead to the pool. This will make the space look like an upscale resort. You can also add lights to the path or wall so it’s easy to find your way to the pool.

Retaining wall blocks are an option as well. If you don’t want an entire fence or border, work with a contractor to construct blocks, stones or bricks that seclude certain areas of the pool. For instance, if you have a pool and a hot tub, the wall blocks can go around the hot tub. This will indicate that you want this area to be a little more private than the pool. Wall blocks can feature stairs that go to and from the pool making it easier to get to the sitting area.

If you’re interested in adding retaining walls to your pool area, count on the professionals at Pulliam Pools Houston to assist. On our website, in our gallery, you can view samples of retaining wall designs. Browse through to get ideas and find the styles that will work well for the size and shape of your yard and pool. For a free consultation and estimate contact the Houston Premier Pool Builder, Pulliam Pools. We will be happy to help you transform your backyard and pool with amazing eye-catching retaining walls.