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Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas

Once you decide to get a swimming pool, the next step is to determine what type of pool you want. The backyard pool ideas vary according to the size of your yard and the size and shape of your desired pool. Here are some ideas that will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect out of the ordinary pool for your backyard.

Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Coming up with a design and plan for your swimming pool is an intricate process. Your contractor will show you a diagram of your yard. The diagram will help the contractor make suggestions based on what would be best for your property. For instance, you may want a fountain or waterfall included in your pool. The size of the structure should be adjusted to the size of your pool. A small waterfall in the corner of the pool is ideal for a yard with limited space. This design plan is also best if your yard has a small slope that the waterfall can be built on.

An infinity pool may also be a good idea for your property. This design includes waterfall structures that are built on some or all sides of the pool. The water flows into a drainage structure and makes the pool look more like a natural body of water.

Swimming Pool Design for Home

How often you’ll use the pool and whether you have children or pets dictates your pool design. Work with your contractor to build ladders or barriers around the pool. The fence can be made from durable wood or metal. You can also create a live fence from border shrubs and flowers. In addition to a ladder, you may also want to have a diving board or slide built into the pool. This makes the pool more like a water park and is a great way to entertain family and friends.

Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard

You can build a garden around the pool. Alternatively, ask your contractor to create small gardens that fit into the waterfall structure. You can also have a rock or sand garden designed to make the area look more like a beach. Lighting inside the pool is also an attractive feature. The lights can make the water appear bluer, and illuminate the pool when you’re enjoying it at night. If you use the pool often and entertain, seating can be constructed near the pool as well. Contractors can build seating that makes time by the pool more comfortable. You can also request special features like a fire pit or gazebo. These features keep you warm during cool nights and shield you from the rain or sun. You can even have umbrellas built in between seating so you can sunbathe comfortably and enjoy shade in between swimming.

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