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Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas

Now that you have a swimming pool, you may want to add features to make it more attractive. A waterfall can make your pool look like it belongs in a resort. You can even add customized features that make the waterfall one of the best parts of the pool. If you’re not sure which designs are best for your property and pool shape, here are a few helpful suggestions.

Pool with a Small Waterfall

A pool with a small waterfall is best if your pool is small or medium-sized. Small waterfalls don’t have to be extremely high off the ground. These waterfalls can also be made from colorful stone or glass to serve as the pool’s main feature.

If you choose a small waterfall, you can also use a rock structure. This makes the waterfall look like a natural structure. If you enjoy visiting resorts, this type of waterfall is likely best for you. A professional team can help you find the colors and types of stones to use. You’ll also see a variety of design ideas to customize your fountain further.

Rock Waterfall Pool Slide

 A pool waterfall slide is a great way to make sure your kids have even more fun in the pool. The slide can be used by kids and adults and can coordinate with the color scheme of the waterfall. If the pool is primarily for children, a brightly colored slide will make the pool even more attractive. Select the length of the slide based on the skill level of the swimmers in your family. The higher the slide, the bigger the splash you’ll make when you hit the water. If the slide is also a waterfall, this pool feature will be both functional and attractive.

You can also add tropical plants around the water slide. This makes the pool look like a waterfall and can make you feel like you’re on vacation. Having the slide built on the side of the waterfall is also an option. This ensures that the waterfall has visual appeal and the slide has no obstructions.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls Water Features

There are also a few features you can add to the waterfall structures to make them one of a kind. Small outdoor fire pits are impressive and help to keep you warm when swimming in the evening. Adding plants like cacti and other succulents to rock waterfalls give the pool a natural, rustic feel. You can also talk to your contractor about the flowers and plants that grow well in your area. Small gardens can be constructed in between the waterfall to add more texture and color to the structure. Professional contractors can assist you in building small gardens within the waterfall so that bright, tropical flowers can be displayed.

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