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One-of-a-Kind Backyard Pool Environment Ideas

Getting a pool is a great investment, especially if you and your family love spending time outdoors. If you entertain often in the spring and summer, the pool makes a great attraction. The pool is also ideal if you’re avid swimmers or if you want to teach your children to swim. In addition, a pool can increase the property value of your home, especially if you add specialized accessories. Customizing the pool can be a fun and rewarding experience as well. You can choose from colors and accessories that match your home’s exterior. Or, you can make the pool area its own oasis and choose an original color scheme. There are several one-of-a-kind accents you can add to the pool to make it a great addition to your property. Here are some backyard ideas to consider.

Selecting the Swimming Pool Design for Your Home

You’ll need to think about the size and shape of your yard when selecting a pool design. This ensures the pool is not too large or small for the outdoor space. The yard’s shape will also determine how deep the pool should be.

If you want the pool to look more like a pond or lake, a free-form design is likely best. Rectangular or square pools are ideal if you want your pool to have a chic athletic look. A circular pool works well for smaller yards. You can even heat the water so the area will serve as a hot tub or Jacuzzi.

You can border the pool with trees and other decorative plants for a natural look. If you live in an area that is dry and warm with little grass, rock gardens are a good idea. You can create the gardens in several sizes. They can also border the pool or serve as a focal point in the pool area.

Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

The swimming pool designs and plans that appeal to you should leave space for you to have a relaxation area. If you want to have lots of lounge chairs around the pool, discuss the design plans with your contractor. You may also want to add features, such as a waterfall or a smaller connecting pool structure. You should include these things in the design plan, along with the materials you’d like to use. You may also want to plant a small flower garden around the pool. A border or fence made from fence materials or flowers and plants can enhance the pool area as well.

You can also incorporate rock or sand gardens into your pool design. These give a “zen” feel to the pool and make the area more relaxing. You can combine these elements with plants that grow well in sandy or dry soil. Examples of these plants are lavender and basil. These have a calming effect on the body and give the air a pleasant scent.

The stone you choose for the rock garden can also complement the water. Stones in deep gray look great against medium or dark blue water. If the water is a lighter blue, tan and dark brown stones are a great finishing touch. An expert contracting team can help you come up with a design plan that works well for your property. You’ll also learn about the different shapes and natural elements that will give you the pool area design you want.

Are you ready to start creating your perfect backyard pool environment?

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