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Houston Pool Builders Provide the Best in Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens increase your living space and are almost like building an addition to your existing home. From elegant to rustic and everything in between, Pulliam Pools, Katy TX your Houston Outdoor Kitchens specialist helps pool owners create the outdoor living area they have always dreamed of having. If you can dream it, odds are Pulliam pool builders in Houston can build it!

You love your friends and family. But, let’s face it, they are messy. The kids come in and put their wet towels on the sofa. The dog follows the kids in and tracks mud all over your clean floor. We understand. That’s why we build the best outdoor kitchens Katy TX. An efficient, beautiful outdoor poolscape with the right outdoor kitchen to suit your lifestyle is the perfect solution. Let’s examine some options in greater detail.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen of today can be as elegant as the dining room and kitchen inside your home, with every creature comfort you can imagine. Lavish outdoor kitchens worthy of a chef include multiple cooking stations. Why limit yourself to a solitary, simple barbeque? As more people decide to entertain at home, grills, meat smokers, and gas ranges are all becoming a part of today’s best outdoor kitchens.

A complete kitchen often features full-size appliances, sinks, faucets, and countertops for whipping up gourmet meals.

Add overstuffed sofas, coffee tables, a pergola, and ambient lighting and you’ve got an outdoor kitchen that rivals those found in the most opulent homes. To take it over-the-top, add a wine fridge so you can have the best vino at your fingertips at all times. Some outdoor kitchens even boast their own mini-movie theaters with enhanced surround sound systems.

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace and Brick Oven

Outdoor kitchens lend a new level of style and sophistication to any outdoor living space. Adding elements of fire to the poolscape gives a dramatic effect and this is easily done with a fireplace and/or brick oven. Imagine everyone gathered around a rustic brick pizza oven that is surrounded by lush greenery and plants. Add a sitting wall with dining tables to your fantasy outdoor kitchen and you’ll have an amazing atmosphere.

Pizza and beer or soda go hand-in-hand! So, the outdoor brick oven can be next to a shiny new refrigerator full of beverages. This makes your outdoor kitchen area adult-friendly and kid-friendly in a snap!


An Extension of Your Indoor Living Space

Some pool owners choose a design that is artistically pleasing and extends the indoor living space to the outdoors. This design leads the eye gently to features that flow seamlessly through the house and out into your yard. Depending on your home decor, the look will be traditional or modern. Imagine your visitors congregating in the indoor living room and then easily stepping into an open-air area for dining.

Your professional pool builder will take a hard look at your existing space and assist with recommendations. Some people are surprised about how unused space can be utilized. The shed where you keep the lawnmower can be upgraded to become a beautiful and useful storage area for cookware and supplies, leading the eye to the main outdoor kitchen area with shining stainless-steel appliances.

The use of decorative stones, such as bluestone and Chinese granite, is exotic and smooth. You may create a pathway from your indoor living area to the kitchen using these stones that not only look good but also are soft and gentle on bare feet. Once the meal is over, it is only a few short steps from a relaxing spa or swimming pool.


Pulliam Pools is here to help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen just your YOU!  We are located in Katy, TX and provide outdoor kitchen designs and construction to the Houston and surrounding areas.  Contact Pulliam Pools today to learn more and get your FREE quote.