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Let’s Bring Attention To Your Inground Pool Patio Deck Area

Now that your inground pool plans are underway, you need to choose the right patio or deck for the pool space. The patio or deck around the pool brings more attention to the area. The deck area can also serve as the transition area between the grassy area of your yard and the pool space. You’ll need to work with your contractor to get the best materials to build a beautiful and functional deck. Here are some things to consider when you’re planning for pool patio deck construction.

What Is the Best Material for a Pool Deck?

Composites are growing in popularity when it comes to the best materials to use for your pool deck. These materials include CorrectDeck, Veranda, Trex, and TimberTech, which are made from recycled plastic and wood fibers. Composites are very resistant to rain and snow, and won’t rot, split or splinter.

Plastic lumber is also ideal to use for a pool deck. Plastic lumber materials like ForeverDeck and Azek Deck are made entirely of virgin or recycled plastic. There are no wood fibers in plastic lumber, and it’s resistant to cracks and splinters. Plastic lumber also doesn’t decay or stain.

What Is the Best Wood for a Pool Deck?

Pressure treated lumber is considered the best wood for pool decks. It is estimated that seventy-five percent of all new patios and decks are finished with this type of wood.

This wood is available in the Houston area. It is an affordable choice, which makes it an ideal choice for most families. Most of the lumber comes from southern yellow pine. The wood is then chemically treated so that fungus and rot won’t develop on the wood. The chemical treatment also keeps wood-boring insects from ruining the lumber.

There are also two common sizes that are used for decks. You can select 2×6 pieces for about 60 cents per linear foot or 5/4×6 pieces for around $1 per linear foot.

There are some concerns when you use pressure treated lumber, however. The wood isn’t very stable dimensionally, which means it can split or crack easily. It’s important to maintain the wood regularly to make sure the wood lasts as long as possible. Maintenance includes power washing the wood every year and applying a wood preservative or stain every two to three years. Pressure treated lumber is also a healthier choice than it was before. For over six decades, the lumber was infused with CCA, or chromated copper arsenate, which was a suspected carcinogen. However, CCA hasn’t been included in the manufacturing of pressure treated lumber since December 2003.

Inground Pool Decking Options

When you’re looking for pool deck ideas for inground pool, there are lots of designs to choose from. It is essential to use the right colors, textures, and materials that will coordinate with the rest of your outdoor décor. You can also get the perfect landscaping around the deck to make the pool area even more attractive and inviting. The patio or deck and existing walkways are integrated to demonstrate a uniformed look and to make the yard area safer.

Once you’re ready to have your pool constructed or renovated, contact Pulliam Pools Houston. We’ll walk you through every step of the process to ensure that you’re happy with the final product. We’ve been building inground pools in the Houston area including Katy, TX for years. Our team is highly qualified to build a safe and aesthetically pleasing poolscape you will enjoy for years to come.