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Inground Pool Designs

The backyard serves a number of purposes for families and homeowners. Some people use the backyard as a place to relax after a long day. Other families enjoy having their loved ones over for dinners and parties. This makes the pool an ideal gathering place. Do you entertain families with small children often? Spending time by the pool has additional benefits you may not have even thought about. Keeping children in the backyard can help to keep the interior of your home neat and clean.

If you’re searching for the best pool for your backyard, there are lots of pool designs to choose from. It’s also important to get design ideas based on the shape and size of your yard. Of course, you’ll also want to take your personal style and preferences into account. Here are some suggestions that will help you settle on the right inground pool designs for your property.

Attractive Porches

The porch or pavilion surrounding your pool can make the entire area more inviting. A double porch has a vacation villa feel that makes you feel like you’re on a remote island. You can also have the porch extended so it will fit more lawn chairs. This provides a comfortable space to relax or sunbathe in between swims. The porch can be made out of wood that has been treated to withstand water damage. Or you can use cement with a special finish to keep the porch looking like new.


There are a number of design choices that include pavilions as well. Pavilions definitely come in handy in you live in a warm area. They can shield you from the sun while being positioned near the pool for easy access to the water. You can have a pavilion that has a farmhouse look with barnyard doors that open to the pool. Or, the pavilion can be a gazebo with openings all around. The center of the pavilion can have chairs and a small table for enjoying a meal or entertaining. Position the pavilion close to the pool as well, so you can easily take a swim before and after tanning. If you have a shed or guesthouse on your property, coordinate the colors of the structure(s) and the pool. If your shed is a pastel color, a tan or off-white pool finish can make the yard look more uniform.

Stepping Stones

Having a path that leads to the pool adds texture to space. You can also position stones in the shallow area of the pool that will lead you back to the yard. Stepping stones in the pool also give the illusion you’re walking on water, which is fascinating for friends and family.

Creating a border around the pool made of stone of various colors is visually appealing as well. This is one of the best ways to give the pool area a Mediterranean feel. Columns made of stone can also accent the corners of the pool so the area looks more sophisticated.

Shrubs and Hedges

Using plants as pool borders keep your yard lush and green. The plants can also help to block some of the sunlight to maintain the temperature of the water. Plants, such as boxwood, are ideal if you want a small, neat border. Or, you can choose larger shrubs that grow easily as a border, such as Fatsia and Daphne. You can also match your pool furniture with the colors of the shrub flowers for a coordinated look.

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