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Swimming Pool Water Features

Water features around swimming pools are among the best reasons to invest in a pool in the first place. A gorgeous pool area complete with stunning water features adds a wow factor to your home that potential buyers and even house guests can’t resist. There are a few different directions you can go in when choosing water features for your pool, including:

  • Relaxed/Natural – If this is your preference, you might like rocks, faux greenery, and pebbles around your natural looking waterfall. Your natural waterfall could hide a fun slide, but the overall ambiance you want around your pool is one of cool tranquility with a spa-like peace.
  • Fun Time – If this is your style, you want your pool to be obviously fun. Water slides and fun spritzers on different sides really can help bring the joy and playfulness to the pool. Also, you might want to install bubblers and different color lights on the bottom of your pool.

Regardless of your reasoning, this guide can help you choose the water features that best suit you.

Waterfalls for Inground Pools

These are a great addition to your backyard retreat. These pools create variety in the landscape as well as introducing different scale, which is aesthetically pleasing. There are tons of kits available if this is what you want, ranging from beach rocks to a gently staggered cliff. If you want more structure to your pool water feature, a mason can be hired to give your pool that polished and more structured appearance you’re looking for. Whether you want a pool with a small waterfall for the ambient sound of falling water or a larger one that can be utilized in fun games, a waterfall is always a smart addition to your pool.


These little machines are great for adding delightful bubbles to any pool, giving a fun appearance while also inviting a spa-like relaxation. These bubblers will bubble up water from above wherever it is placed, so it introduces an element of movement in a normally still pool.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are an excellent addition to your pool area! These jets can be engineered into the ground around your pool or into the sides of the pool itself and they can be turned on to shower swimmers or pool dippers with a cool stream of water. Also, this is great for poolside loungers who don’t want to swim, but who also don’t want to overheat.

LED Lights

These lights can brighten up your swim or your playtime. The different colored lights make it easy to devise games and the pure white lights can give a serene feeling to your pool. What’s even better is that LED lights can be attached to your bubblers or jets so that you have colored pool water features instead.

Decorative Accents

There is all manner of different accents you can add to your pool, available in many styles. Think of decorative ornate lions’ heads embedded to the wall of your pool with a stream of water coming from its jaws. Maybe you’d prefer steadily overflowing bowls or cups placed around your pool, or magic rain effects that come out of the wall of your pool.

Water features in your pool can provide a feeling of luxury as you enjoy your pool, but it can also increase the resale value of your home. Whether you want a serene waterfall or a set of jets to surprise your kids, we at Pulliam Pools Houston can help make that happen.

If you are ready to make your backyard pool into a peaceful (or fun) retreat of your very own or if you simply would like to add some variety in your backyard, feel free to contact Pulliam Pools Houston.

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