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Easy Ways To Shade Your Backyard

Many homeowners want a backyard full of shadows. Not only does shade create an escape from the sun’s heat, but is also vital for many garden plants and creates a pleasing atmosphere for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. There are many ways to add shade to any outdoor space, and this article covers the most popular options and advises homeowners on using them correctly.

The shade in your yard varies depending on the season and time of day; deciding how and where to add shade to your space isn’t always obvious. Doing a walkthrough, tracking the sun and how the shadow falls during the day will give you a general idea about where you can cover your space, and you can always perfect your plan later.

Keep your options open.

While using a single shade producer could work in a small space, gardens usually look more natural if their cover comes from a few different sources. Instead of planting one large tree, you could use some small shade producers, like potted plants or shelves. You should keep in mind, too, that shade and sunlight will change your lawn and garden; make sure your plants and animals will do well in their new shady environment.


Even though trees and other tall plants do shade large areas well, they do need a lot of maintenance to keep their roots and debris under control. On the other hand, structures can produce that much-needed shade, and won’t need as much care if they are sturdy. Patio covers are structurally sound structures homeowners enjoy. Their architecture can complement your home, bring the aesthetic appeal as well as add value to your property.

If you have a small yard, you can add movable structures along the edges to make more room for backyard fun. They are most helpful in hot climates where their size can create complete shade for a confined area; you can even extend the height of a fence or attach an extendable sail to your home. Before building or adding any new structures, though, you should always check with local laws and building codes. Also, make you don’t annoy your neighbors; tell them about your plans and ask for feedback.


Trees are a favorite feature of backyards everywhere. Not only are they visually impressive, but they also create shade families can enjoy throughout the year. Always plant large trees away from structures or walkways; roots, fallen limbs, and other debris could create a mess in your yard, cause unwanted property damage, or become a safety hazard to anyone enjoying the space.

Also, always make sure to research the size, growth patterns, and potential risks for every tree you plant. The last thing you want is for your tree to struggle growing or hurt the health of your other plants.

Homeowners can also avoid growing their trees from scratch and instead use fully grown trees they transplant. Vines and bushes are also great shade producers, as long as they grow high enough to block sunlight.

Just make sure you understand the risks behind every plant you grow: communities can become overwhelmed by hardy plants that spread too quickly. For this reason, some plants might be illegal in your area. Check with local authorities or gardening experts before putting an exotic plant in your backyard.


Using furniture is a popular way to escape the heat, and there are many options from which to choose. Whether you use covered chairs and tables, or a portable shelter, you will have an easy way to enjoy the shade. Also, since furniture isn’t permanent, you can experiment with the pieces you use and their placement until you find the right balance for your space.

Portable Shade

There are many ways to create portable shade. Some people tie up tarps or cloth using rope, while others build tall shelves to hold plants and other display items. A high board can also create instant relief from the sun; just prop it up and enjoy. But even though the portable shade is convenient, not everyone will appreciate its visual style.

Many homeowners love shade and want to have more in their backyard. But knowing the best ways to add it to their unique space isn’t always easy. Thankfully, they can find a mix of solutions that work for their specific needs if they understand the most popular ways to create shade.

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