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Customize With Amazing Pool Designs

If you’re having a pool installed on your property, there are several ways to customize the pool area. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, the right company can help you narrow down your pool designs. Here are some suggestions.

Coolest Home Pools

Some of the coolest home pools are both practical and attractive. If you want a zero entry pool, the small slope will make the pool look more like a natural beach. The shallow area allows you to soak your feet or wade in the pool without getting in too deep. The slope of the pool can also be made from marble or customized cement that doesn’t get too warm during summer.

Lighting makes pools more appealing as well. You can talk to your builder about having lights installed in the pool to make the water more attractive. Lights can also give the illusion of brightly colored water and coordinate with the rest of your pool décor.

You can also add a waterfall to your pool. This can instantly make the pool more elegant. Waterfalls also serve as a fun element to the pool and are a great place to play water games. You can add large stones or a fountain-like structure to the waterfall for a refined look.

Ultimate Pools

There are several ultimate pools with features that will make your home pool look like a vacation resort. Smaller shipping container pools can be remodeled into hot tubs with stunning blue water. Construction around the pool can include steps and small gardens to make the area more welcoming. Borders around the pool made from tropical plants and rock gardens can easily make the pool more beautiful as well.

You can have a hot tub or spa built into the main pool. The spa can be constructed in the center of the pool or in the corner. You can also use different colors of tiles or fiberglass in the spa or hot tub. The colors will differentiate the main pool while still bringing the whole space together.

Seating and sun coverings are also part of amazing pool designs. The way the pool is shaped will determine where seating should be installed. Professional contractors can offer a wide range of seating options so the entire pool area will be comfortable.

Cool Pools with Slides

Adding a slide or two to the pool is a great way to make the area more fun for kids. Of course, adults can enjoy the slide as well. Elaborate slides are also a great way to make your pool look more like a water park. You can select slides in bright colors that will help your loved ones make a splash. You can also choose more sophisticated designs that match the borders or outdoor structure of the pool.

Pulliam Pools is the Houston area and Katy, TX pool builder when you’re ready to have a pool constructed. We can customize your pool and provide instructions to care for the pool and keep it looking its best. Our products and skilled team can meet your needs. We can make the pool area one of the most appealing parts of your property. If you live in the Houston area and would like more information or would like to set up a consultation, contact Pulliam Pools Houston. Feel free to browse our website and view our many amazing pool designs.