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Options And Factors When Choosing Pool Finishes

You’ve decided to get a pool or you want to remodel your existing pool. There are several finish options you can choose. The finish of the pool allows you to achieve the texture and color you prefer. There are also a few other factors to consider when deciding on a pool finish.

Types of Pool Finishes

One of the first things to do is to learn about the various pool finishes. This will give you a better idea of the type of finish you want.

If children will be using the pool often, it’s best to choose the smoothest possible finish. Large aggregate pool finishes are especially porous. This means they could be too rough on bare feet. An extremely textured finish is also not ideal if you’ll be lounging around the pool area. For a smooth finish, materials, such as Hydrazzo, plaster or quartz, are best. These materials are very smooth and are comfortable to walk on. Your family will likely be able to sunbathe or tan on this material since it doesn’t scratch the skin.

If you want to go with a dramatic aggregate, you’ll get more texture. PebbleSheen is a great choice if this is the look you want. The finish has fused pebbles that are shiny and smooth.

Traditional plaster is an option as well. This finish is also known as whitecoat or basic plaster. This finish has a smooth texture and feels good on the bottom of feet. This is why a number of people prefer plaster. The plaster is also pretty durable. You’ll have to replace the finish every eight years or so. However, some finishes can last up to 12 years. When you notice the plaster is starting to wear, it’s best to have it refinished promptly. The material can start to become rough and uncomfortable to stand on.

Colored Pool Plaster vs White Plaster

When it comes to the plaster of the pool, there’s a wide color selection. Depending on your style, however, you may want to go with white plaster. Your home’s exterior décor could determine the color of the plaster. Or, you could use the color of the pool water to decide. Pool water color can change or appear different based on several factors. The time of day and sunlight in the pool area can affect the color. Of course, the finish you select can make the water look a different color as well. If you choose a pool finish that is gray or dark blue, the water looks especially natural. If you want to go with white plaster, the water may appear clearer. However, if you select off-white or tan plaster, it could make the water look slightly green.

Pool Bottom Colors

Once you choose the material for your pool finish, you may still be debating on the best pool plaster color. The color of the pool bottom has a direct effect on how the water will look. So, choosing shades of blue can make the water look more inviting. It’s best to get quartz or plaster in the shade of blue you want, instead of dying it. When you dye these materials, they won’t consistently showcase your desired color. In general, the lighter the pool bottom color, the more pool debris will show. However, darker colors absorb more heat. So, a medium hue is likely best for your pool bottom.

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