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Build Your Poolscape With A Tropical Feel


As much as we would like to, most of us cannot simply take off on a tropical vacation on a whim. Work, family, and other obligations get in the way. So, why not bring the tropics to you? Poolscapes with a tropical feel transport the tropics to your backyard.


Of course, with any tropical landscape, palm trees are a must. It is suggested that you choose cold hardy palms for your design, such as Mediterranean Fan palms and Pindo palms. These are ideal because they create a wonderful visual impact and grow very slowly. Therefore, they require less maintenance. Your tropical paradise can include plants that flower, as well as heliconias, dwarf bananas, Pride of Barbados, and Esperanza. The final effect will be tropical-themed, yet sophisticated and elegant.


New Pool Construction with a Tropical Theme


Create your fantasy tropical poolscape with one-of-a-kind ideas that go well beyond palm trees. Think of fire pits, dramatic lighting, flowing fabrics, and seaside colors. Torch lighting is a unique way to bring the beach to your backyard. Placing torches in strategic points alongside tropical plants and trees will look just perfect. You can add a subtle effect to just a few items or go for the gusto and add foliage and splashes of color throughout.


A lagoon-like pool is an ideal way to spice up your design. Choose any free-form shape and then add rocks, waterfalls, and grottos for a dramatic environment that feels otherworldly and exotic. Secluded areas, tanning ledges, and even swim-up bars can be woven directly into the landscape. Pina colada, anyone?


Recreate Your Favorite Tropical Resort


Another great idea is to have your pool builder replicate your favorite resort in your own backyard with tropical poolscapes. Do you love Costa Rica? Latin designs are very colorful. Unexpected patches of color on walls and colorful pool tiles bring your inground pool to life. Recreate every detail of a memorable Latin American vacation, down to the cabana and pool house.


With the correct tropical landscaping, you can have a staycation in your own backyard! Relive the best aspects of your favorite getaway every time you step out of your door. Use bold architectural themes alongside both open and sectioned-off areas, reminiscent of world-class Costa Rican resort hotels. It is time for a siesta by the pool! You will forget that you are actually still at home.


Or perhaps your favorite vacation was in Bali. Choose a lagoon-like pool in the middle of plentiful, lush vegetation with a cabana, waterfalls, and fire features to remind you of this exotic island. Stone construction can mimic the beautiful effects in authentic Balinese style.


Let’s not forget, your inground pool is all about relaxation. Create an oasis away from it all by building a bridge for your swimming pool. The tropics are full of natural land bridges that lead to sequestered areas. Duplicate this and you will immediately elevate your poolscape’s style.


Adding a bridge to your tropical poolscape looks far more impressive than a plain oval-shaped pool and deck with umbrellas, tables, and chairs. Your swimming pool bridge can lead to a hot tub, waterfall or even a stone fireplace. For a modern look, replace common wooden bridges with hanging bridges. Scatter a few hammocks around the pool for a breezy effect, great for lounging on hot days.


Are you ready to get started?


Recreating a poolscape with a tropical feel environment reflective of your favorite vacation spot is a growing trend. The entire team at Pulliam Pools Houston can’t wait to help bring your ideas to life. We take pride in being one of the premier pool builders, Katy, TX. so let us help you in creating your favorite tropics right in your own backyard.

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