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Build a Basic Backyard Pool on a Budget

Inground pool designs for small backyards are a challenge, especially when you live in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. It is beyond hot here and you want to make sure that everyone is happy with the pool you want to install. There are a bunch of creative ideas, but first, we need to assess exactly what we are working with.

– Size – What size are we working with? How big do you need it?
– Who – Who will be taking care of the pool? How easy does care need to be? How many people will be using it?
– Shape – Inground pools aren’t exactly movable, so it’s best to place them in an area where they won’t become a nuisance. So, make sure to leave plenty of space for decking, furniture, and walking space. And remember it doesn’t have to be a rectangle. If a kidney shape works better for your space, use it!

Here are a few backyard pool ideas on a budget:

– Remember that your pool doesn’t need to be a rectangle. Vinyl liner and concrete pools have a lot of freedom in how they are formed. Go with a kidney shape or a truly free-form pool that sits nicely in the corner of your yard.
– Don’t be afraid of using exactly what space you have. Do you want a good amount of space for play? Consider installing a long and lean strip of a pool on the side of your property. These pools can also function as a gym pool due to their length.
– Don’t skimp on water features. When you have a low amount of free swim space, you can make up the lack of space by installing waterfalls, jets, and bubblers in your pool. They add variety and interest to an otherwise plain looking pool.
– Invest in landscaping! Nothing is worse than a pool with nothing around it. It’s amazing how far a few potted plants and climbing ivy can take your pool.

Finding the cheapest inground pool options around you can be challenging since deluxe packages are so welcoming. Follow these easy steps to get the cheapest inground pool around.

– Vinyl – Go with vinyl pools over concrete or fiberglass. It’s the cheapest of all three and a liner can last up to 10 years, maybe more before being replaced.
– Smaller pools – Going with a modestly sized pool can save you a ton of money due to the fact that there’s less labor to put in, less material to build, and less overall maintenance. Small pools are completely doable with the right company who has your best interests at heart.
– Avoid extras – Just stick to the basics. No fancy upgrades or add-ons. Those can come later.
– Autumn Installation – While everyone is closing down their pools for the cooler months, you may get a great discount because you are installing when business is slow. It’ll also give you a bit of time to recoup the costs from the installation.

Swimming pools are a big responsibility, but they can offer so much fun for your family and friends and save you in the long run from going to water parks, splash pads, and public pools. You can rest assured that your pool will be healthy and safe no matter who comes in because you will be able to control when and how it is maintained.

If you are looking to build a basic backyard pool on a budget and are looking for a pool builder in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas of Houston, make sure you give Pulliam Pools Houston a call, so we can help you design and create the perfect backyard oasis on a budget that you are comfortable with and will truly enjoy.