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Brilliant and Exhilarating Luxury Backyard Pool Ideas

Swimming pool ideas for backyard parties are all over the internet and this is our guide to making sure your backyard pool area is an oasis for you and for your guests. Backyard pool ideas can range from the super simple touches to the extravagant designs depending on the style, price point, and taste of the pool owner.

We are here to give you some amazing swimming pool design ideas that you can implement in your backyard whether you already have a pool, or if you’re looking into putting a pool in.


Waterfalls are a fantastic addition to your pool and come in so many shapes and size that there are a style and type that will appeal to any pool owner. Options range from more natural waterfalls featuring rock facing and trickling water off the sides to the more modern style featuring masonry and detailed structural waterfalls.

Tropical Villa

Just say the words tropical villa and people will know exactly what you want. Imagine tastefully done flagstone with soft moss growing in between and greenery interspaced between your home and all around your garden. Picture luscious and vibrant green ferns stretching over the edges of your pool and bright flowers sprouting up around the edges. Nothing could be more luxurious!

Underwater Glow

A super-easy way to spruce up your pool is by simply adding LED lighting under the water to make your pool a nighttime retreat for swimmers and onlookers alike. Crisp white light gives your pool a fresh look, but you could also opt for brightly colored LEDs in red, green, purple, or more!

Bring in Nature

Decorating with nature around your pool can be an excellent way to contrast the sparkling blue and pristine waters with the deep green of plants. It will only serve to bring your guests closer to nature while giving you an attractive oasis for the backyard.

Art Up Your Pool Liner

Before you begin to fill your pool in with thousands of gallons of water, hire a painter to paint a mermaid scene or a tropical underwater scene. Family and friends will love the attention to detail and the creativity of bringing interest to something normally forgotten.

Cover Up

A great addition to your backyard oasis would be a patio cover to your pool. It doesn’t have to stretch over the whole thing, but the protection from UV rays on just one corner of your pool could increase the comfort and the overall happiness of guests with children and people sensitive to sunlight.

Grecian Decoration

Those Greeks certainly had great style! That’s why you see their repeated influence in countries all over the world. Grecian decoration would be a classic and tasteful addition to your backyard pool area. Tall columns and heavy stone pots with pale sandstone benches would be gorgeous paired with deep green foliage in the pots like a creeping ivy. This style definitely falls at the top of the luxury backyard pool category.

Custom Pools

If you are looking at installing your own pool, you might want to consider drafting a custom one. When designing your pool, you can have unlimited (okay, a little limited) freedom with designing your pool specifically to your property and needs. Need a long winding lazy river to swerve around backyard features? Done! Perhaps you really want an entire pool in the shape of a violin? That can happen, too. Depending on exactly what you want, we can custom design not only the pool but your waterfall and in-pool features for you. We all love luxury so its time to put some of these brilliant and exhilarating luxury backyard pool ideas to work.

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