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Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Houston TX is one of the best places to have a swimming pool installed due to the warm weather and the spacious yards that are available in many local neighborhoods. Whether you want a swimming pool with a particular shape or if you have a design theme in mind, here are some suggestions you may want to consider to achieve the ultimate swimming pool design for your backyard.

Rectangular Pools

There are lots of rectangle pool ideas to choose from, regardless of the size of your yard. A rectangular pool that is long and slender can give your yard more space and you can also select a number of pool surfaces to make the pool unique.


Pool lighting inside the pool and in the corners of the pool will illuminate the space and make the pool more welcoming. Warm lighting with red or yellow undertones is inviting, and blue or green lighting can intensify the color of the water.


Seating that is installed in or around the pool will make the area especially unique. You can have stools situated around the pool that you can easily sit on when you’re out of the water, or you can have cabana chairs positioned next to the pool, so you can relax in style.

Fire Pit

The fire pit is a stylish addition to your pool area and definitely comes in handy during the cool night weather. You can also use the fire pit to roast marshmallows or to enjoy a meal by the fire after swimming.


A waterfall makes your pool look like a resort space and will immediately catch the eyes of your guests. You can also choose a different texture for the waterfall than the pool surface to add more visual appeal. Waterfalls are growing in popularity and have become the new hot trend in swimming pool design.

Manicured Lawns

Lawns that are manicured with a special design like your family monogram or a word that is significant to you, such as “love” or “family,” can make the pool more appealing. You can also have specially-designed trees and shrubs around the pool to add more interest to space.

Live Borders

If you’re looking for a Greek-style pool, adding borders or fences made from shrubs or vines give the pool a vintage look. You can also finish the look with columns along the surface of the pool or with stone accents. For a contemporary Greek-inspired look, you can try modern swimming pool tile designs by having tile or marble installed around the border of the pool.

Flower Garden

Planting beautiful flowers around the pool will make it look like a tropical oasis. Colorful blooms that thrive in moist soil are best.

Rock Garden

If you don’t have the soil to grow flowers or if you want to add something unique to your pool space, “plant” a rock garden around the pool. This can make the space more relaxing and provide a Zen-like feel while you’re swimming.


Adding stairs to the pool makes the space elegant and means that the pool will be easier to get in and out of. Stairs in a marble or metallic shade coordinate well with a stone pool surface and they can help make the pool safer.

Outdoor Living Space

A cabana space with a small couch, table and curtain partition can help you enjoy the pool space and help you feel like you’re on vacation each time you go into your yard.

Diving Boards

A diving board doesn’t have to be boring. You can customize the height and width of the board or you can install more than one board so that kids and novice swimmers can comfortably dive into the pool.


Install large umbrellas around the pool so you can enjoy the water without being scorched by the sun. Select umbrella awnings that are one of a kind to make the pool space even more exciting.

Circular Pools

Pools in the shape of a circle are great for small yards and yards that have an irregular shape. You can also customize the pool bottom and surface with colors or designs that are specific to your family.

Stylish Pool Division

Contemporary pool designs also include divisions for the pool. The smaller section of the pool can be utilized as the shallow part of the pool for children and those who want to use the pool for wading. The larger part of the pool can be built for swimming, and the two sections can be connected to a small waterfall.

If you’ve been inspired by some of these design ideas, check out “swimming pool builders near me” online to find the contractors who can help you bring your swimming pool design vision to life. If you are in the Houston TX area no need to search. Give Pulliam Pools Houston a call or contact us here to help you with an eye-popping swimming pool design for your backyard.